Get Off Your Ass … and Use Your Brain.

”  Is it just my imagination or does it seem that more and more women are getting useless degrees (like a BA in humanistic studies (aka an M.R.S degree)), with no aspirations for grad school, and no idea what they want out of life? All too often, their sole purpose for going to college is to meet “Mr. Right“.

They wander aimlessly after college, work for a bit, eventually land “Mr.Right”, have a kid, and then postpone going back to work with the lame excuse of raising a child. Lame because these parasites don’t stay home out of a strong desire to make a career out of parenting (like some women do), but because they are too lazy to face going back to work. (And sadly, tons of these kids in the suburbs grow up to be fucked up anyway, indicating that their mothers “staying in the home” did not guarantee their emotional well-being.)

Inevitably, “Mr Right” goes a-cheating, divorce results, and these women start WHINING about what they want, and try to clean out the guy claiming that they can’t find a job and that they’ve been out of the job market and hence, their “skills” are out of date.

Excuse me?

What the hell were these women doing when they got married? Why did they quit? Why couldn’t she hand the kid over to the father when he came home from work so she could go off and take night classes in order to keep her skills sharp or just for the mere purpose of self-improvement and education? What about day or correspondence courses while the kids are in school? Why is that so many women think they can rest on their laurels and be “looked after” as soon as they get married to a man who has a higher income?

Why do women still insist on this “Prince and Princess” scenario that will never happen, when in actuality there are NO guarantees in life? By staying complacent and being “looked after”, she has placed herself at the mercy of the male, and come divorce time (OOPS, I forgot: “WE’LL be the exception to the rule, we’re going to make it, we’ll be together forever…”) she’s left out in the cold– usually with the kids. Furthermore, it places the guy at a disadvantage as well. By keeping her at the level of domestic servant, and not encouraging her to go back to school (or to at least keep working), he has guaranteed larger alimony payments will come out of his paycheck when divorce strikes.

In short, they both dug their own graves by not recognizing that BOTH partners need to grow and pursue their interests and goals separately. Just because you’re married, that doesn’t mean you’re one entity now, with the same goals, dreams and aspirations. To paraphrase that German poet Rainer Maria Rilke once said. “You are two distinct and separate entities that border, salute and respect one another”. What is up with this “fusion” thing, “we are one” bullshit?

What is up with these female parasites that insist that the man must look after them? To put it simply, no one’s going to give you flowers in this life, you have to grow your own garden.   ”

by Bobbie Ansari


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