Mini Haulage.

I rarely buy beauty products without first “researching” via YouTube.  I heard many people compare the Maybelline SuperStay foundation to my favourite (and HG) foundation Revlon ColorStay for Combination/Oily skin.  Naturally, logged into YouTube.  Surprisingly there wasn’t much of a consensus either way; many mixed reviews. I figured on my next trip to the drugstore that I’d check out the shades and the price and decide then.  Bad idea. I always splurge.  But in all fairness, it wasn’t a “splurge” as I had thought about purchasing and did read up on it.

I swatched a few shades I thought would work best for me, and picked up a bottle. $14.99, not bad considering my Revlon ColorStay is $19.99.  I’ll follow up when I’m actually able to use it for a few weeks.

Also, managed to get my hands on a Revlon Lip Butter (finally!) in Creme Brule.  The perfect nude colour.  It goes on SO smooth — like butter.
Boring stuff: replacements.  Rimmel Stay Matte powder, and Maybelline Line Stiletto in blackest black liquid liner.


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