A Day … of Pictures.

I am not kidding. Double fisted the caffeine this morning for errands… I mean business!

Cinnamon Dolce, my recent fav! Go all out!

Department store: I did find what I had in mind; a medium-sized roll suitcase.  I needed an “in between” size as I have a very large roll suitcase, and a ‘baby’ roll suitcase. Enter this Samsonite one. 🙂

Beauty finds at Winners.  Full size Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Treatment. I’ve been using this one lately instead of my HG Moroccan Oil. What is happening to me?!
Tigi Rockaholic Dry Shampoo – in theory, used to keep my new hair colour rich and dark longer.

When I got home to try it out, I popped off the cap to see THIS:

What a huge disappointment. So knowing how much this would bother me, I decided to return it right away. They didn’t have any left on the shelf so I just got my money back. Sad.  Would anyone recommend this dry shampoo enough for me to buy one from CosmoProf (do they have it there?) or Trade Secrets?! I really am in the market for a good dry shampoo….

Another case for my iPhone4s.  This time instead of pink, it’s this gorgeous teal/blue! 🙂

Exhausting! Even with two caffeinated venti’s.  Did some grocery shopping and picked up this delicious lunch:
SO GOOD! I had seen this multiple times but always chose the typical sushi instead.  One question: what’s the “wrap” made of? I meant to look at the website to see… Either way, it’s quite possibly my newest obsession.  Spicy Shrimp Wrap. I die.
After the deliciousness in the form of that wrap, I washed Alb… inside and out! The only thing I didn’t do was vacuum the interior (I’ll wait till I visit my parents next weekend and ‘allow’ my Dad to clean it for me!).  It’s all shiny and looks like the brand new vehicle I bought almost one year ago! Wooo 🙂 Good feeling.
Is this next picture going to surprise anyone??!
Two Venti’s aren’t enough for me.  I just made a latte.
Interesting! I made two lattes… and this freakishly happened!

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