Houston, we have a [shopping] problem…

Ok, well it probably isn’t a problem… but I thought it would make for an interesting title.

I literally just got in from running some errands. My main focus: find out where the fffk my Sephora parcel is! All $275 worth of it. This morning I heard someone knock on the door, and I quickly looked out the window from upstairs and saw Canada Post. By the time I ran down the stairs and into the garage to get to the door he was GONE. Stealth little bugger. I didn’t let it phase me. I knew he’d leave a slip with information when to pick it up at the local branch. No slip. Not in the mail box. Not on the door. WTF! Ok… no big deal. Now that I am up, I shower, get ready and go have a coffee. I went to CostCo –and miraculously spent over $150! on what? Don’t ask. I can barely quantify what I got for that amount. On the way back home I decided to stop at the Canada Post branch near my house to see what the deal was. Lady said “Hm, well come back after 5pm today, or else it may not be here til Monday morning”. Got home. Had another coffee. Randomly decided to go on the mac and see what the tracking information was all about for my order. Item successfully delivered. WTF (again)!.  So I called Canada Posts main line and talk to a very pleasant lady.  On her end she also notes that the driver did in fact drop off the package, but with NO signature.  “Do Not Safe Drop” – the order specifically says.  Blah blah, she says it’s odd that the driver would drop it off without a signature especially under those ‘conditions’.  At this point I’m even more mad, thinking where the fffk is my package with over $275 worth of cosmetics from Sephora?!! She apologizes, of course. I expressed my concerns and feelings, naturally. She then gives me a reference number and says the ‘Investigations department’ will look into it and contact me within 5-10 business days. What else can I do? I write the number down, along with her name and hang up.
I really do not need to express in words how angry and frustrated I am at this point. I went to the local Canada Post branch after 5pm today in hopes I’d be there. Nope. They have no idea where it is.  I suppose I wait. I’ll be calling Canada Post back next week to follow up if they don’t call me first. Until then I will be familiarizing myself with their policy and fill out a claims report in case it doesn’t turn up. Not impressed. At all.  When this is all said and done, should I not ask for some sort of reimbursement?!?

SO naturally, to cheer myself up, I went out and did a bit of shopping. Not much though; I did have a rough idea of what I wanted to get.

TaDa.  This mini haul shall hold me over until my glorious Sephora order is in my hot little hands (fingers crossed).

False lashes make me happy. I don’t wear them often, but when I do… aaah. The Physician’s Formula is a duo pack! Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Bronzer (haha, how ironic) with a “bonus” Glow & Mood Boosting blush! I know it may not be as good as the Nars Sin blush I had in my Sephora order (waaaaahhh) but it’s worth a shot! The duo pack was $21.99, which is decent considering most single item PF face powders cost about that much.  PS I HATE their packaging — the compacts are so bulky.
As for the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque – what I was really hoping to find was the Moroccan Oil hair masque (I’m in love with the moroccan oil) but they didn’t have any left! Boo.

Any questions on the products I just purchased, leave a comment below!


5 thoughts on “Houston, we have a [shopping] problem…

    • ColorStay has been my staple lately, but I have to make sure I beef up the salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide treatments I use to keep any break outs I get at bay! It’s difficult for me to find a foundation that won’t ‘melt’ off and look really oily after a few hours… so I’ll compromise. 🙂

  1. Omg! Too freaking funny! Keep me posted about the Sephora order, I’ve got them on my radar now, in case my order gets mysteriously undelivered!

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