Welcome to my little family… the iPhone 4S.

I’ve wanted this little bad boy for the longest time.  So naturally, all of a sudden today I got the urge, headed down to Bell and purchased it (sans contract, as it’s replacing my Blackberry Bold 9700).  I wasn’t eligible for any upgrades (which doesn’t surprise me, as a have a little over 20 months of a 36 month contract left) so I paid the full no contract price. It took me longer to make a final decision on the colour (white vs. black) than anything else.

After spending maybe 10-15 minutes at the Bell Store, I headed over to Future Shop to get an Otterbox case and an Invisible Shield. It costs a tad extra for the  FS Techs to install the shield for me (well actually I didn’t pay… the tech just handed me back my new little shiny baby and didn’t charge the $5 extra).

I gave it a few hours to “dry” (I’ve heard mixed reviews, from 1 hour to 4 hours… all the way up to a full 24 hours before you should turn the iP4s back on and start using it).  I will wait a full 24 hours before I put the OtterBox on.  This means I’ll have to take extra care with it while at the hospital tomorrow!

Even though I have a Macbook, iPad2 and an iPod Touch, I still find it might take a couple days to truly get used to it.

Any apps you recommend?!?


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