Your Inner Child.

“Children are born only with an awareness of now — past and future are meaningless at first. In the beginning, now is the whole world to children, their entire playground. This fascination and reverence for now is entirely natural; it is neither learned nor fabricated.

As a young child, you too were alive to the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Like other children, you were full of wonder, imagination, awe, and appreciation for the precious present. You got so much from “now” because you gave so much to “now” — and for the entire time you were engaged with the present, you were happy to leave the past and future exactly where they were. Now was your treasure island, and you believed wholeheartedly that happiness was here and now, waiting to be seen. The more you believed this, the more you would look; and the more you looked, the more happiness you found.”

Joy waits on welcome, not time.


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