Darkness to Light?

Open up my heart
Start to feel again
Take another step
Now I understand
All the time I’ve waited
All my faded plans
Every single tragedy was leading up to
someone there who loves me like you
In a world full of broken promises
You were my portrait of truth
And suddenly I confess

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed,
All I ever wanted was you…

It took a little pain
’cause I would not believe it
All I ever needed was you.

As much as this doesn’t pertain to me at the present moment, I have always been drawn to this song.  It’s raw, emotional, and a truly genuine song.   I first discovered it after watching Life As We Know It (Rawr, Josh Duhamel, as a more than just a “pretty face”).  So sweet. I melt.

I suggest you youtube this shit ASAP, or watch the movie, or illegally download the song (shhhh).

Short post tonight. K is tired and a tad irritated.  Might explain later.


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