To all the women…

A thought occured to me today…. a lot of women don’t know their worth, myself included. I don’t know what it is about women where we give and give and don’t take in as much as we deserve. We also stay in dead-end relationships where the guy isn’t worthy of our love. We settle when there’s no reason to. We make do when making do isn’t necessary.

My fellow woman kind, you are worth more than the stars in the sky, the sand in the ocean and the water in the sea. Know your worth, set expectations, live your life to the fullest and always aim for the best because you deserve it. If you find it hard to realize your worth, realize this:

You are worthy of everything great that life has to offer
You deserve trust, honesty and respect from your significant other
You are deserving of being told you are beautiful

You are worthy of being treated fairly and without discrimination
You deserve true happiness and peace of mind
You deserve to love and accept your body for what it is

You are worthy of the best in life without settling
You deserve to be appreciated for who you are
You are deserving of independence and freedom

You deserve to never be treated unkindly or physically abused
You deserve to leave if you should find yourself in a bad relationship
You are worthy of seeking carnal pleasures without being labeled a slut

You are deserving of being spoiled and pampered from time to time
You are worthy of being told you are sexy
You are deserving of Friday nights in where you dance in your undies

Most of all, you are worthy of love and romance!

** I had found this quite some time ago and posted it to my Facebook. It’s beautiful, so I reposted.  Not only do men need to read and learn this, but women also need to remind themselves: YOU ARE WORTHY. ❤

♔ Kimmie.L


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