Winners™ / Cakes / Wine / Decorations

I worked at my other job today.  But this is one post I’m vowing to not talk about work…

I only did 8 hours (the perk of that job), so I left around 3:15pm and decided hey, I haven’t been to Winners in like… a week! *shock and horror* … sarcasm.

It was disgustingly busy. I should have known.  But I was determined to find a set of (cheap) earrings and a nice throw. After fighting to find a decent parking spot (furthest away, and of course, on an angle to prevent ignorant idiots from parking 5″ from my door and ultimately leaving a ‘dent’ in it), I made my way into Winners. First thing I spot is the jewellery counter. I bee-line it (when I know what I want to buy/am looking for, I waste zero time).  Of course I couldn’t help but notice the slew of men standing around impatiently as the women perused and pondered purchases.

Anyways, back to the jewellery counter.  They had quite a large selection of things.  I decided on this fun “bling-y” set:

They were disgustingly cheap, so evidently, I bought them.

Ok, onto the next reason why I decided to venture to Winners. I wanted a cozy warm throw. One that won’t necessarily show cat hair to the extreme.  Enter this:

Pricey, but soooo worth it! How fun is the animal print?!

I then made my way to LCBO, seeing as I haven’t been in quite some time (nor have I had wine).

German Riesling is my favourite!! I know I love the two on the outside, but I have yet to try the one in the middle.
And also decided to treat myself to these.  They were on sale ($3.99 at Metro) and figured they’d be delicious as their “Garnished Singapore Style Tilapia” is (thanks to the sis, I love that dish).
Turned into this:
Pure delicious-ness.
Also, just because I can (my sisters ‘boyfriend’) hahah 🙂 ….
The house, very festive and warm.
Now to relax with the glass of riesling.
Back to work tomorrow.  Looking forward to Monday & Tuesday off!
What are you guys doing on your days off this time of year?? (besides shopping)
♔ Kimmie.L

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