R e l a x

In an attempt to eat low-carb (or at least ‘lower’; I’ve managed to cut out bread completely, and only treat myself to pasta when I am home at my parents to eat my Dad’s fabulously yummy spaghetti sauce with) I made this delicious dinner tonight:


Lemon and cracked peppercorn chicken breast cooked in the oven (so no added oils/fats).

Of course I cheated a bit with a store bought, prewashed/sliced ‘greek’ salad (romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, black olives, feta cheese).  I added an avocado to it as well, just because I can. *The babybel was my snack as I assembled the salad*

The result? Deliciousness.


I promise you I do not sit on my macbook and star at pictures of myself (Mike, haha). I had figured out how to edit the “about” section… it’s taking me time to utilize this blog site, so sit back, grab a glass of Black Series Jackson Triggs Merlot and relax 🙂

I also vow to utilize a better camera (one that is not my Crackberry) whenever I can! I cannot promise lugging around my DSLR to snap quick images like these (maybe only when I mean to take quality pictures), however I did recently purchase a nice little compact camera.  But there’s something so addictive and convenient about just using my phone to take pictures.  And if you’re accustomed to my Facebook page, you already know this.

Anyone have any low-carb recipes they want to share? I’m open to new ideas!

    ♔ Kimmie.L


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