First Mini Rant (Shift Work, Sleep/Wake)

It’s now 2100… 9pm. I’ve cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized head-to-toe, brushed/flossed/gargled, took my melatonin 5mg (shift work, aaahh — definitely heads up for future posts about this issue) and am now relaxing under my duvet in bed. I love the cool crisp air around me, so I tend to keep 2 of my bedroom windows slightly open even during these cold winter months.  Something about being all cozy and warm under my big fluffy duvet knowing darn well it’s freezing, dark and possibly snowing outside.  Unfortunately, all of the snow we got on December 1 is pretty much non existent at this point.  It rained. As long as we have a true white Christmas….

This seems like a perfectly honest time to bring you up to speed with my work life– ie my entire life right now. Hence the blog; I need some hobbies that don’t include work, work, and work.  I have been full time as a Registered Nurse at an acute care hospital since I was hired as a new graduate back in May of last year.


I then applied for a pretty unique schedule last Christmas — 2 day shifts, 2 night shifts, 5 off.  Mind you, they’re 12 hour shifts, but I absolutely love it.  After a few of these rotations though of 5 days off, I decided to fill this newfound free time with a second job; a long term care facility.  I’m strictly casual at the LTC facility, as I’m full time at the hospital. But they are extremely accommodating; they’re only 8 hour shifts as opposed to the 12s I’m used to working, and I’ve built a good relationship with the scheduler (so she’ll call in advance to prebook me for shifts around my full time hospital job).  Couldn’t really ask for anything else …

…except a day off! I am so exhausted it is not even funny.  It’s probably all in my head, but I do believe the melatonin helps somewhat in allowing me to experience a deeper sleep for longer.  There’s much debate about how effective taking melatonin really is, but it works for me.  So does benadryl (gravol has lost all effect on me to get me asleep).

Long story short: shift work does suck.  My body does not know when to wake up, when to fall asleep. This is why I resort to caffeine and melatonin to combat both extremes my body faces constantly 🙂

Any shift workers out there? What do you find is the most difficult part? Any useful tips or thoughts?

Time to attempt sleep. 6am comes early.


♔ Kimmie.L


One thought on “First Mini Rant (Shift Work, Sleep/Wake)

  1. I work three 12s a week…7p-7a…sometimes all in a row…sometimes sporadic throughout the week. Its all difficult for sure…especially coming home exhausted from a busy shift and wanting to stay up to hang out with family or friends if I don’t have to work that night. i like melatonin and benadryl…melatonin by itself actually wakes me up more…so i combine it with benadryl for a good sleep. how much mg of melatonin to you use?

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