Welcome and Brief Introduction


Welcome! This is definitely the beginning of an interesting blog! I have had the opportunity to create many blogs in the past, however I soon lost touch and interest in writing as school got the best of me. Since then, I’ve graduated last May (2010), and have been working as a full-time RN ever since (But I’ll get into that later on).  I’ve decided to recreate a whole new blog; and using a different site for blogging.  I decided now was the best time to create a new blog because recently someone asked me what my hobbies are; and I was not able to clearly define what it is I do *besides* work… and that’s sad.

I also plan on not divulging too much of my personal life on this blog, as it will be public so everyone is free to read it. Perhaps that is why my other blogs failed and I got disinterested in them; I’m not an overly exuberant person, so possibly telling the entire www (worldwideweb) about the happenings in my life is not a great idea.

I think what I am trying to get at here is that this blog will pretty much be free-range for me. I studied Esthetics before I started Nursing (don’t worry; my background I will brief you on later!). For this reason, esthetics and anything related to beauty holds a huge part of my interest. Who doesn’t love being a girly-girl? Heels, dresses, jewellry, getting your hair done….

The only thing I ask of you, the readers, is to keep an open-mind at all times. I am not limiting myself to one specfic area to blog about; so be aware of your expections!

 ♔ Kimmie.L


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