Keep Your “Pearly Whites” Pearly and White

I’ll be the first to admit; I love coffee.  So when people say skip the caffeine in order to maintain gorgeous, white teeth that everyone lusts after, I laugh.

So no, you don’t have to switch to Chardonnay or give up your daily cup to keep your smile sparkling. Use these simple tips instead!

• Chew sugarless gum, or have a quick swish with water after you eat or drink to eliminate stains. So grab those reusable water bottles and packs of Stride gum, and enjoy your cuppa!

• When drinking dark-coloured fluids such as coffee, or pop, try to keep them from touching the front of your teeth. A simple way of ensuring this is to use a straw a la Mariah Carey.

• Snack on celery — or carrots or cucumbers.  These foods require a lot of choewing, which steps up saliva production and flushes away stains.

• Floss!! It helps to erase those icky stains between teeth. Plus helps freshen breath, as food particles often get stuck between teeth and start producing an unpleasant odour.

• Stop smoking. Tobacco is the top tooth stainer — and you don’t want all those at-home whitening trays to go to waste. They’re not cheap!

With these simple tips, you can ensure you’re camera ready anytime. It’s your life; smile!

♔ Kimmie.L


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